I have known Mr. John Webster for the past year.

I met him for the first time at RVC 2007 that took place in Quebec City.

In March 2008 my sales office assisted him with his first sales trip to Buenos Aires to call on the various tour wholesalers and tour operators.

John is committed to his work and demonstrates professionalism and dedication to his clients. He has also recognized the long term potential in the Argentina outbound market to Canada, and is proactive by initiating this sales trip to one of South America's key developing markets to Canada.

I have also had good feedback from the Argentinean tour operators about the way he conducted his products presentations during the above mentioned sales visits.

Ignacio Ferrer

Sales Manager, Argentina & Uruguay
Air Canada

John Webster has consistently shown a high level of professionalism in representing Granville Island. He is hard-working, proactive, and respected in the industry. He has developed and strengthened relationships with overseas tourism offices and destination marketing organizations. CPM’s marketing efforts have ensured that Granville Island continues to rank as one of the most visited attractions in British Columbia.

Lisa Ono
Manager, Public Affairs & Programming
CMHC Granville Island

John is one of the few Canadian tourism professionals who have travelled to Chile and made the effort to become acquainted with the potential business opportunities for his clients in Canada. I applaud John’s efforts and look forward to continuing our business relationship for the years to come.

Alfredo Babun
General Manager,
Air Canada, Chile - Peru

As a result of my experiences with John, I engaged him to represent The Vancouver Trolley Company on two occasions, both times on sales trips to Australia. I was very pleased with the feedback from my clients about the way that John represented my company to the key Australian tour wholesalers. I was also very impressed by the quality of the reports, written and verbal, that John provided to me outlining who he met and what was discussed. John’s extensive experience in the tourism industry is a great asset and I have seen the respect that he has earned from industry colleagues.

Jim Storie
The Vancouver Trolley Company

Your expertise and knowledge has helped us to give product satisfaction to our clients and perfectly matches with our company’s name/motto: JTB = Just The Best. Thank you for all your effort!

Queenie Cheung
Senior Supervisor, Purchasing & Reservations
JTB International (Canada) Ltd. Vancouver Office

John’s efforts have resulted in significant penetration of the Asia Pacific and Latin American markets, and new business has been developed as a result of these efforts. John has generated the momentum needed to keep the Sandman name in the forefront of important wholesalers. John’s high level of professionalism in representing The Sandman Hotel Group, along with his enthusiasm, has strengthened and developed strong new ties within these keys markets.

Taj Kassam
President & COO
Sandman Hotel Group